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About the TKD Academy

At The Academy, we've cooked up something extraordinary just for you! Imagine stepping into a world where Taekwondo meets the best behavior skills and strength training. Sounds cool, right? But wait, there's more! We're not just about kicks and punches. We use some next-level science to make sure you don't just learn moves, but you truly master them, building both mind and muscle memories. With us, you'll discover the leader within. Being awesome won't just be a dream—it'll be your daily reality. Every move you make, every stance you take, will be filled with power and purpose. Ready to transform and become the leader you're meant to be? Strap in, and let's kickstart this epic journey together at The TKD Academy in Storm Lake!

"Sir Robert is amazing with kids. My son has autism and trouble discerning right from wrong sometimes when he's being misled by other kids. Sir Robert helped him focus, build confidence, and stay amazingly positive. I can't say enough great things about him and his studio."

"Energy, focus, strength, confidence! My 9 year old has been training with Master Robert for a month now and she is hooked. This kid- who I normally have to push out the door to get anywhere on time- is literally pulling me out to get to training on time. The lessons are a great mix of physical fitness, technique building, lessons that apply both on and off the mat. And we’re making new friends- always a bonus!"

"At first it was hard to accept that I could play a bigger part in my child's life, then I imagined. Sir Robert and his staff help families grow together and teach how my attitude effects my children more than my advise. If you can handle the truth this school will put you on a positive path for your entire life."

"I enjoy and am enrolled in the cardio class. Instructor: Robert Von Der Becke, 4th degree black belt, has created an atmosphere where I am getting off my butt, working out and having a great time doing it. He changes the sessions every time so it is always something challenging.